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FILM-COM Nashville
Jreamwriter® takes Jreamwriter®'s BENT to FILM-COM Nashville

Jreamwriter's - Bent Film Project Coming Spring 2014
Jreamwriter's 1st Film project! Visit the gallery page of this website for movie teasers and behind the scenes photos of the highly anticipated, Jrea

"BENT" Domestic Violence Film Project News
Jreamwriter®'s - "BENT" | Screenings Coming Spring 2014

More About Jreamwriter®...

Jreamwriter® is 2014 Accolade Film Competition''s Award of Excellence Winner in Category of Best Female Filmmaker for Jreamwriter’s - BENT Holding accolades in film, business, web development, journalism, and creative writing, Jreamwriter® harnessed her cocktail of credentials, gifts, skills, and talents and put them to use in the world where she feels she can be the most purposeful, effective and impactful... writing, directing, and producing films, as well as, helping troubled women and youth survive ill thoughts and negative behavior patterns linked to abuse and suicide through creative arts therapy and creative arts expression. Jreamwriter® founded her own "jream" enterprise, JREAMWRITER® ENTERTAINMENT GLOBAL (J.E.G., formerly Jreamwriter® LLC) to which she is Trustee. Headquartered in the Greater Metro Atlanta, Georgia area, USA, J.E.G., through its company divisions, offers: • film, photography and digital video/media production services; • filming and photoshoot studios & locations; • novel and screenplay writing/editing/reviews services and workshops; • e-book creation, selling, and digital publishing services; • and sorted artist promotional services, some including: book trailers, acting reel creation, and headshot packages. http://www.jreamwriter-entertainment-global.com. With a heart and desire to make a positive difference in today’s youths, Jreamwriter® has also founded The Jreamwriter® Young Global Citizens Program, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that exists to create, sponsor, and foster creative arts education and social development programs that provide a positive expressive outlet for at-risk youths, aged 12 through 24 years. http://www.tjygcpinc.org Jreamwriter® studied creative writing under the instruction of Professor Jeffery Ford, author of The Girl in The Glass and The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque; and journalism under college adjunct and independent journalist for the Asbury Park Press Newspaper (New Jersey, USA), Arthur Z. Kamin. Jreamwriter® was issued a writer's choice award in January 2007 for authoring the short story, A Slice of Nana's Sweet Potato Pie, which later received publication in EditRed.com's 2007 anthology, Late-night River Lights, which is available on Amazon.com. For that piece, Jreamwriter®'s talent was compared to that of the world renowned, Jamaica Kincaid, and accordingly, Jreamwriter® received acclamations on an international level for intriguing audiences with a writing style that, “doesn't just tell stories,” according to EditRed.com’s – Judges Commentary, but also, “…delivers strong narrative voices, believable characters, descriptive scenes, and flowing story lines…”. Other writing by Jreamwriter® include, “Empty Nest”, “Untieable Ties”, “Alfie”, “The Check-out Line”, and “8, Beer & Peanuts Don’t Mix”. Jreamwriter® has appeared and/or has had special mentions on syndicated radio shows like Radio One’s Marketing Pulpit with Robert Gatewood, IRIE ATL, Radio Station 1430 AM with the late Joan Savoury, and Blog Talk Radio with sexual abuse author, Dr. Loren Due. Jreamwriter® has been in print media like the ‘2009 Detroit Library African American Book List, Alors et Toi Magazine, and Booking Matters Magazine. She has been spotlighted on several websites like CushCity.com, MosaicBooks.com, MahoganyBooks.com, the NationalBookClubConference.com, and the IBPA.com. Jreamwriter®’s debut novel, “The Rainbow through the Eyes of a Closet Homosexual’s Wife”, has been showcased at venues such as the ‘2009“For Sisters Only” event at the Georgia Convention Center, the Atlanta CNN Center ‘2009, the ‘2011 “Frankfurt International Book Fair”, and the upcoming ‘2012' Baltimore Urban Book Festival”. Jreamwriter®’s film credits include Jreamwriter®’s – BENT, and the soon-coming hit family comedy sitcom, Really RonnieTM, starring BET’s Bad Boy of Comedy, comedian Ronnie Jordan. Really RonnieTM is currently in the pre-production stage and is set to be shot in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 2014. Jreamwriter® is actively engaged in sorted writing and filming projects, book signings, and speaking engagements that address the vision, mission, and purpose of her non-profit organization, as well as, her passion for helping people dealing with topics covered in her writings and films that involve surviving domestic violence, spiritual and mental abuse, as well as suicide. For more information on Jreamwriter®, and to stay abreast on all her titles, activities, and other pertinent events, please visit http://www.jreamwriter.com. You can also find Jreamwriter® on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube by searching: Jreamwriter. For inquiries on how to request Jreamwriter® to appear/speak at your next event contact: info@jreamwriter.com. Jreamwriter® is a registered trademark held in Trust by a body of companies and individuals. Jreamwriter® is also a registered Pen Name on file and recorded in the United States Library of Congress. Use of either without the expressed written permission of Jreamwriter® trustee(s) is strictly prohibited.